Monday, January 10, 2005

Today is the start of a new semester. Crikey!

Although yesterday I had a bum day.

On Saturday, my mom asked me to go shopping with her on Sunday. I was really looking forward to this since we havent done any mother/daughter events in a very long time. She told me that she had to go somewhere in the morning, but to come to their place at 2pm.

So I got to the 'rents house at 2pm sharp. Waited. Saw all the bad tv there is to see, and settled on a movie on the Indian station to brush up some language skills. 3 rolled around, and no mommy. So I made myself lunch. She calls at 3:15 saying she'll be home in an hour. 4:45pm came, and I decided to leave. Just as I was pulling out, she was pulling in, so instead of going home, I went to the drugstore to buy some notebooks. I came home, and one of my aunt's was with her. My mom took an out of state trip and thought she's be back by 2. Then she told me she had to drop of Aunty back at her place, and I was invited there for dinner. I was pretty upset and said, "You said you would be home by 2, and I've been waiting for 3 hours!"

With that I stormed upstairs, like any angry child would do.

I went to the bathroom and when I came out Mom was standing there. She asked me if I was really mad, and I said yes. Then she gave me a hug and apologized and said we would go another day. She made me a quick dinner and then left.

Even though I knew she genuinely felt sorry, I was still pretty upset, I guess I didnt realize how much I was looking forward to an afternoon with my mom. After a short cry in the car, I stopped at the video store to pick up a movie I've been waiting to see: Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. I needed a laugh.

I've heard rave reviews about this movie. I have to say, parts of it were good, but as a whole, I didn't really like it. So that was no good.

Then at night, I was on the phone with CLS Boy. He sent me some pics of our trip to Burlington, and there is one of me that I HATE. I asked him to delete it. It was really cold, its a close up of my face, and I have a God-awful expression. All I asked him was, "Can you delete that picture? I hate it!" Then he said, "You're just wearing a bulky coat, you're not fat." My response, "Uh, I didnt think I looked fat, I hate my expression. But thanks."

After that, my very sick roomie and I watched an awful show on Vh1 called the Surreal Life. We thought it was awful until we saw Marcus Schenkenberg wearing only boxers. No shirt. No socks. Just boxers and his hot body.

And I found my silver lining for the day.

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