Thursday, May 27, 2004

I have a confession to make.

I didnt roll a blunt in Miami. I didnt have public sex. Although it was on the 'best of' list. It was a sneaky evil ploy to lure you back into my world.

I saw people having sex on the beach (not the drink, the action) at 4am. I really tried to divert my attention to the ocean, but when I wanted to give myself a panoramic view of the ocean, there they were, knockin' boots.

Where do I start with my trip?!

I'll start with my favorite night of the trip.

On Thursday night, we went to a club called Crobar. It was hip-hop night, and the friendly receptionist at our hotel gave us free passes. Otherwise we would have had to pay $50! No dice.

The 3 of us entered the club, and immediately started dancing. 2 out of the 3 of us enjoy drinking. So A.M. and I started buying each other rounds of rum and Coke. Then A.M. decided we should step up and we did shots of Red Headed Slut. I've never had a red headed slut before. I highly recommend red headed sluts. heh heh. The vibe of this club was awesome. Everyone was dancing just to dance and not to grope. I loved it.

So we went up to the second floor and were dancing there. This Bangladeshi guy comes up to me and starts talking. He was cool and offered to buy me a drink. I told him if you buy me a drink, you have to buy my friends drinks. He complied! I was shocked. Hey, I told him the deal, and he didnt have to agree. He bought A.M. and I a couple rum and cokes, and S.V. her $5 bottle of water.

We were dancing queens. They played everything! Jay-Z, Tupac, De La Soul, Mary J.Blige, Nina Sky...all the fun hip hop.

Then a guy comes up to me. He's holding a bunch of drinks and has a water bottle tucked into his elbow. He asks me to move the water bottle from his elbow to his pinky. I asked him, "Can you carry all that?" Then he told me how he's a bartender at a place called the Laundry Bar. Yes people, there's a bar in Miami where you can drink and do your laundry. Him and I chatted for a bit, and he said to thank me he would buy me a drink. He was true to his word and came back with a Jager Bomb. Now, Im not sure how to drink a drink that requires 2 steps. He gave me the shot glass inside the big glass. I didnt know what to do with it, so I took the shot of Jager and drank the Red Bull. I think I was supposed to sink the shot. Oh well whatever. I ended up looking at pics of his dog that he had on his phone.

Then I danced my way over to the DJ booth and talked to the DJ's friend about music. Somehow I met another guy there named ALdo. By this point I had enough drinks in my system, and I kept calling him, "ALdo like my shoes!" (Aldo is a shoe store here, and luckily for me, that night I was wearing my Aldos so I could say that sentence with much conviction) He was a funky Haitian man. We danced for a bit, and we spoke in Spanish.

My friends and I stayed at the club for 6 hours. 5am it closed and we left. I ran into Aldo like my shoes and he walked with us back to the hotel. We were listening to some music in his discman and dancing down the street. My friends thought this was hysterical. Once we were at the hotel, I said 'bye' and sent him on his merry way. (Even in my drunken state, I was not about to invite him up!)

So the night was a grand success. Great music, cute clothes, fun friends, 2 phone numbers (which I didnt use), and happiness galore.

The next morning, work called me at 11am, and I had no idea where my head was. That was the best kind of ouch.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I'm baaack!

Miami was fantastic. It was just what I needed, and 5 days was the right amount of time.

We got our butts up at 4am to catch the 6am flight. Needless to say it wasnt too difficult to wake up. The flight was uneventful. When we got to Miami, the view of the palm trees and the crystal blue water made me giddy with excitement.

We got to our hotel...let me tell you there are hot men all over this city. EVERYWHERE! I wished I had another set of eyes to take in all the hotness that surrounded me. Our hotel was on Ocean Drive, which is near the beach, and one of the main party roads in Miami.

The first thing we did was change into shorts, run out onto the white sandy beaches under the beautiful sun. I have never seen water this blue and beautiful in my life. I felt like I was walking into a postcard. I couldnt take my eyes off the ocean. Needless to say, I was clicking pictures incessantly.

So we went back to the hotel to change. We found one of those free newspapers, so we took a couple and flipped through them.

We found a "Best of" section...Under this section there was "The Best Place to Roll a Blunt" and "The Best Place to Have Public Sex."

More later...;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Its 10pm. Im waiting for the Real World to start.

Im also waiting for my friend to pick me up. We have an early bird flight so we're going to her parents house, which is near the airport.

Although my suitcase is packed, I dont think I have enough. Actually, its more like I dont have enough of the right stuff.

Are there any professional packers out there?

Monday, May 17, 2004

I just noticed that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their newborn daughter, Apple.

Her name is Apple Martin.

You know someone is going to start calling her Apple Martini. Or that could be the alcohol lover in me.

Can you tell I'm desperate for my upcoming vacation? I made this post to postpone doing laundry.
On Wednesday morning I'll be on a plane to (hopefully) sunny Miami!!

May the men be just as tasty as the margaritas.

I hope for other things as well...nice beaches, good food, no criminal activity, all my luggage arrives in one piece, fun outdoor shopping, funky clubs, and surprises of the good kind.

Although having good-looking men serve me margaritas on the beach would really make my vacation worthwhile.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Sometimes a lot can happen, and I just dont know where to begin blogging since nothing relates with each other, so I really have a ton of things I could blog about, but if I blog about everything at once then it becomes a real long post, and when I preview it, I cant even finish reading it myself because I have a headache from staring at the computer screen all day, but I really want to talk about so many things, and as the days go by more things come up to talk about, and then I wonder should I blog about my daily bits in chronological order, or should I start from the most pertinent points and then discuss the other stuff later, or maybe I could do a bunch of baby posts or should I not blog at all and go straight to bed, but I have all sorts of feelings inside that I want to sort out and blogging does have that cathartic effect, so maybe I should deal with those first so I can relax, and I do like getting other peoples opinions to whats going on in my crazy world where things have changed so much in so little time, and are going to change even more, I wonder if I can keep up with all of it, in fact I wonder if I can even keep up with the thoughts in my head because that would be so scary if I couldn't then I would end up in a place between bipolar and schizophrenic, God I hate when that happens, but where oh where do I start and where oh where has my yellow hi-lighter gone, I got red highlights, I got into school, my niece left for India, she cried and it was the saddest little face that you ever did see, so that in turn made me cry, but I cried in the car on the way to meet the guy my cousin tried to set me up with in Boston, who was cuter than his picture and very cool, but no spark, I think he'll be a great hangout buddy, but he had a shorty complex because I was taller than him, oh well, tomorrow I'm picking up Cali Law Student Boy from the airport and I'm so excited, then I drop him off at a halfway point where we will meet up with his parents and they will pick him up from there, my best friend came over and gave me a gift certificate for a facial since I got into school, she's so great, and it was so sweet, especially the mushy card, she's such a mushball, and then she went home, I should go for the facial, work has been crazy, I had to brush the hair of a chemo patient who is losing her hair, so clumps of hair came out with each stroke, she was very sad, and I was sad, but I think she will get better, she's a sweet lady, by the looks of this post, I think I need that relaxing facial right away, but its 9:52 pm and no place is open at the moment, I hate this ghost town I live in, but there is the other alternative and that is going to bed, which I think I will do, oh yeah I got a real cute anklet yesterday, now I'm all caught up for the most part, I know its been a long rambly post, but in its own funny way this makes sense to me, and I feel so much better, especially since I was able to spend some time in the sunshine today.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Last night, myself and 3 of my friends went out to a real fun hip hop club.

At the end of the night, a very fine young man came up to me and asked me my name.

We chatted a little, and he also chatted with my friends who also thought he was cute. So he asked me what I do for a living, and I told him that I do cancer research.

I believe in tic for tac, so I asked him what his job is.

"Well, I'm not a criminal," was his reply.

Needless to say, I did NOT give him my phone number.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

I got into school for the program I want!!
So from September 2004, I'll be going back to school, and financially dependent once again. Just like the good ol' days.

Except now, I'm looking for a roomie.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I got off the train, and walked toward the clock at Grand Central Station.

I thought I saw him, so I dialed his number to be sure. I saw him pick up the phone, and at the moment he said hello, I popped up behind him and said, "Hello!"

There he the flesh...Wayne!...he is one handsome young man (with great skin, and beautiful hair)

Now arent you all cute. You think I'm that type of girl to reveal just how hot and sweaty it got?

I sure am.

Grand Central Station is on the East side of Manhattan. We were trying to get to the West side. Both of us walked around the city in the completely wrong direction. Wayne was wiping off sweat from his head and neck. It asked if it was too much for him. He was ready for the challenge.

We walked to the West Side, talking and laughing. Wayne is cute as he is funny (which is VERY!), so I was enjoying every minute of our encounter. While he was talking, I was looking at all the eye candy floating around me. Wowsa. I pointed out a few to him, and he gave me his opinion on my choice of man.

We made it to the West Side. I was hungry, hungry, hungry! We were on 8th Ave, waiting to cross the street. There was a big woman with a big bag that had a big tent inside. Wayne proclaimed a little too loudly, "Maybe its her folding chair!" Yeah. We kept walking. Fast.

We were looking around where to eat, and could not think of a darn thing. Wayne took initiative, and followed his gut.

We went to Chinatown.

By then, I was famished. We went to a place called XO, and waited for a table. I looked around at what everyone else was eating. I learned how to say 32 in Chinese (That was our number...auh shur au!), and Wayne kept telling me that I had to try his balls. I was apprehensive. I had just met him, did I really want to try his balls?

We sat and he ordered a drink called a Boba. This drink looks like coffee, and has these marble sized balls that look and have the consistency of caviar (but thankfully, dont taste like caviar). I first watched Wayne eat the balls. Then I tried them. They dont have a taste to them really, but they were fun to chew.

I let Wayne order the appetizers. He was talking in Chinese, and I tried to pick up the lingo. We ate and ate. Dumplings, Dim Sum, Spring Rolls...the food kept coming. (I knew Wayne was talking for a little too long!) It was all soooooooooo yummy in my tummy! Next time I go for Chinese food, I'm calling Wayne first. Everyone, go eat out with Wayne! We talked and talked. It was a lot of fun.

It was getting a little on the later side, and my friends were wondering if I disappeared. So by 10pm, Wayne and I took a cab back to Midtown. We said our parting goodbyes, gave hugs, and went our separate ways.

Moral of the Story: Wayne is a great date!

Afterwards, I went bar hopping in SoHo with my friends. I got nicely intoxicated. I had quite a few too many wonderful drinks, with the winning drink being a Mango Martini.

Thanks Wayne!