Thursday, June 29, 2006

Woowee! I'm recovering after a road trip to Montreal. Grand Prix weekend. That place is INSANE! Even watched the World Cup with people who enjoy it.

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Life's 10 Simple Pleasures

1. Being with my niece

2. Driving down a road surrounded by nature with good music (and no traffic)

3. Sunsets and star-gazing

4. Handwritten cards/letters

5. Lounging around different parts of a room with my friends and just talking/gossiping/laughing

6. A receiving a smile

7. A nice, hot shower

8. Being able to act like a kid to the people who still view you as one

9. Sitting on a porch (in Vermont or at the ice cream place in town) with good people watching the world go by

10. Friends and Family, old and new, who want nothing from you except you

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I just drove through 7 states in 3 days and back again. It was so worth it.

The goal of this weekend was to make it to Leeezik's wedding in Indianapolis, Indiana on 11th June. Goal acheived.

I picked up Kari in Nyack, NY, and from there we drove through New Jersey and Pennsylvania, all really beautiful parts. Actually my favorite parts were the cheap gas prices, lack of traffic, and the Delaware Water Gap. Then we entered Ohio, which was interesting.

I've never been to a place where religion is worn on their sleeve. I've been to North Dakota and I know the majority of people there are Christian but you do not see a lot of displays of Christian pride. We drove through Youngstown and then entered the midsection of Ohio (typing this may make it seem like it was a quick jaunt, but at this point we are at the 6 hour mark). I saw a billboard which said "If you died today, do you know where you would spend Eternity? Hell is real." I also saw a sign on a building which called for a "Prayer for the Victory of Bush." Clearly I'm not able to live in these areas of the country.

It was nice to see farmland and beautiful areas. Ohio is a lot bigger than it looks. We then crossed the Ohio River to enter into Kentucky! We entered a town called Florence and were greeted by:

Fantastic!! Kari and I stayed with one of my friends in Northern Kentucky. (This trip took 12 hours) She makes soaps and candles. She is married with 2 kids and it was so great to see her. I learned all about her business and saw her make the soap, so I know its really all natural! My friend and I talked and talked. I also heard stories about drive through liqour stores as well. Its all very surreal.

Sunday we drove to Indianapolis. Here we saw more farmland as well as billboards relating to Christianity. I guess for a Christian this is a very welcoming sight, but when you are not, it is a little surprising. I felt even more in the minority than I already am, and a little defensive. I suppose I understand this area a little more now. In my area you don't see billboards like that, so it was all very new.

The wedding. Oh the wedding was beautiful, even in the rain. It was short and small. Thankfully Leezik and Ryzik are fun and friendly as are their friends and family. My favorite part was the ceremony meeting new people. Ryzik's grandparents have been married for 69 years! 69! I also met a nice young man who was a super soaker model in college. He was cute but unfortunately for me, his boyfriend was also at the wedding. It was great to meet all the people I've heard so much about in Leezik's stories though. It was sad to say bye since she's going to the west coast and who knows when I will see her after.

Now I am home after way too much driving for one weekend, throughly exhausted. I went out to lunch with a friend who happened to be home from San Francisco visiting family. I am currently unwinding by watching the World Cup. I love soccer/football, and I love hot men. The World Cup is heaven.

Monday, June 05, 2006

In the whirlwind I am calling my life, I have moved back home.

Leaving my apartment was hard. Its a cute place. I had 2 years of many memories there, both good and bad. Even though I have lived away from my parents since I was 17, that apartment was the first place other than my parents I called home.

The dramatic part is unpacking. I have no place to keep things in a house that has everything. At least my parents are out of the country and do not have to see how their dining room has turned into a temporary storage area.