Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My life is hilarious. It has a strange 6-degrees of separation/full circle element. People who were once in my life, tend to pop up in the strangest ways.

On Friday, I am going up to Vermont to see my friend Lucy who was a friend of mine wayyyyyyyy back in elementary school. Our Dads worked together, so we were always kind of connected, although I haven't seen her since our school days. I am very excited about it, especially since I haven't been to Vermont in a long time. Since she lives in the same town as 2 people I know, I asked her to just email me her address since I know how to get to that town.

I receive her email which says she lives on 146 Main Street.

CLS Boy's parents live on 52 Main Street.

This is hilarious for 2 reasons.

1) Out of all the places in the town, she lives a few houses down from my ex-boyfriends parents (who are wonderful people), although I haven't seen them since I crushed their child's heart.

2) all those times I went up to see CLS Boy, Lucy was right down the street and I never knew it! I must have walked by her house numerous times! How strange.

I've had a few experiences where I have been at the same place at the same time as someone else who I ended up meeting at a point later in time. I wonder what it all means.

I ended up telling her to just desribe the house since I already know how to get there.

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