Sunday, July 15, 2007

After being my father's daughter for 30 years, today I realized that he doesn't know me at all.


He proposed this business idea which would require me to go back to India. In short, my college years in India were the most difficult times of my life, and the thought of going back there makes me anxiety ridden, which I explained to my father.

He responded by saying I must be unable to have comapssion for the poor.

Sometimes I think supporting myself with 3 crappy jobs and living from paycheck to paycheck would be 10000x better than this shit.

Sometimes I wonder how I make it from one day to the next without smashing my head in with a brick.

Things HAVE to get better.

If I Found a Wistful Unicorn

If I found a wistful unicorn
and brought him to you, all forlorn…
would you pet him?

If I took an empty midnight train
across the country in the rain…
would you meet me?

If I picked a little flower up
and put it in a paper cup…
would you smell it?

If I found a secret place to go
with you the only one to know…
would you be there?

If my cricket coughed and got the flu
and needed warmth and comfort too…
would you hold him?

If my rainbow were to turn all gray
and wouldn’t shine at all today…
would you paint it?

If my birch tree were afraid at night
and couldn’t sleep without a light…
would you bring one?

If my soul were feeling all alone
and wasn’t near a telephone…
would you write to it?

If my clock developed nervous strain
and needed help to “tock” again…
would you fix it?

If I ran backwards up a tree
and called for you to follow me…
would you do it?

If my turtle got a nervous tic
and couldn’t swim ‘cause he was sick…
would you sit with him?

If I said that I could dance for you
as hard as that would be to do…
would you watch me?

If my pet turnip turned on me
and bit me fiercely on the knee…
would you bandage it?

If my obelisk came tumbling down
and fell in pieces on the ground…
would you pick it up?

If my nightingale were a monotone
and much too shy to sing alone…
would you hum with him?

If my wart decided yesterday
to be a dimple anyway…
would you notice?

If all that I would want to do
would be to sit and talk to you…
would you listen?

If any of these things you’ll do
I’ll never have to say to you…
“Do you love me?”


GuruStu said...

It's your light... keep it burning strong and true.


dr.p said...

Thank you :). I'm trying! Some days are harder than others.

Robert said...

Parents are funny... one would think they will give you 100% support... in a way, he is, it's just that you two have different views.

Just tell him to give you a bit more time! It's hard to all live under the same roof, too. Don't get discouraged Dr.P. Hang in there!!!!!

dr.p said...

Robert, can you and Alec adopt me? :) I'm already educated and house trained. :)