Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I love Tuesdays since I dont go to my 8am class.

On Saturday, Roomie and I went to her sisters bachelorette party. We threw the tamest bachelorette party ever (at her sisters request).
So first we went to Roomie's parents house to see Mommy and Daddy Roomie. Then we drove through Rhode Island, which was a first for me. (It didnt take long)...I saw the Famous Big Blue Bug in Providence!

Big Blue Bug! (I tried to upload it as an image but my computer is blocking the window I need to use!)

After the excitement of the Big Blue Bug, we ended up in Peabody. The theme was a pretty pretty princess party. So we made all pink drinks, had pink princessy napkins, pink plates, pink goodie bags...This was fun.

The decorations were pink and white crepe paper, pink balloons, and our peau de resistance was the centerpiece...a bottle of Absolut Vodka with penis straws inside. (Kind of like a vase of flowers...)

Bride-to-be had to wear her Bride to Be sash which lit up and her tiara. No getting around that.

We had a manicurist and facialist come to the house, which was great. My nails look great, and the facialist said while she was doing my face that I had a very good presence. Like I was a good person. I thought that was sweet.

Then, the ultimate entertainment...the sex toy party!

A woman came and showed us different sex toys, and this was news to me! I actually saw the Rabbit (if you watch Sex and the City, you know what I mean)...I tested it...on my nose! heh heh...there are all things lickable, rubbable and insertable. Hell, there was even something called "Wally" which stuck on the wall...There was a vibrator called the Bullet which had 7 speeds. I may not have a lot of experience here, but what man or woman has 7 speeds?! SEVEN!!! No wonder there are a lot of sexually unsatisfied people out there.

Unfortunately, my facial was scheduled halfway through the sex toy party so I missed some of it. My roomie felt bad and bought me something special from the sex toy lady. I have no idea what it is.

We had food and stuff too, and my nails look great.

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