Thursday, April 14, 2005

SOmetimes I get so conusmed with school, I forget about the finer things.

My friend stopped by to hang out, and then she told me to come out to dinner with her and my best friend. At first I said no, she lightly twisted my arm, and I thought, "Well, a meal I dont have to cook is a great meal by me." Off I went.

I forgot how close the 3 of us are. It sounds silly, but I havent really talked to anyone lately...although I must have because my cell phone bill is through the roof. But it hasnt been talking just updating. This was a girls night.

We sat and talked and talked even long after our meal was over. I forgot how well my friends knew me. They could sense so much. When I came home 4 hours later, I was so happy, and part of me just wanted to cry since I think I released a lot of stress.

Life is ok, work work work...and I booked my ticket to Greece!

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