Friday, April 22, 2005

Pua and I have the same biorhythm. Right now I'm so overwhelmed with my life I don't know whats going on. Took a fun trip to the doctor and found out I have low iron, low calcium, mildly high glucose and borderline high cholesterol. I'll have you know that I exercise, drink milk and take a vitamin with Calcium everyday. Meanwhile, my 200 pound brother, who does not exercise and eats crap is fit as a fiddle. God is messing with me, I just know it.

ITs the end of the semester and I have many assignments due, I don't know where to start, and I just want to sleep. Tomorrow I'm running/walking a 5k to raise some money for various education projects.

Because of all the assignments, I've put blogging on the back burner. I'm tired of looking at the computer screen. I want to be in the sun.

So to get my dose of sun, I go and visit my niece who is currently staying with my parents. She has a new bike, and she's addicted to the little bell. She makes me laugh with her squishy mushy little face.

...I actually started this post yesterday, and as I re-read my post I have no idea where I was going with it. I think I had a plan yesterday, and today its missing. Sounds like the same thing that happened to my sanity.

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