Sunday, June 20, 2004

Yesterday, I realized how selfish I can be.

My friend became a new apartment owner last week. She plans on having a Housewarming party, so she registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

At first I was excited to use that gun-bar-code-scanner. After a little bit, I got tired. Then bored. There were decisions being made about garbage cans, spoons, measuring cups, ice cream scoops, and most important, the George Foreman Grill. It got a little taxing.

That night I spoke with Cali Law Student Boy and I told him how tired I got making this registry. I told him I can't get married because I don't even have the patience to register. He said, "Well, it may be different when you get married because you'll have someone to help you out."

My response, "Yeah, my mother could do it for me."

Cali Law Student Boy then stuttered, "Uh...yeah...well...that's not exactly the kind of help I was referring to."

Me, in complete embarASSment, "Oh, you mean a hubby husband like person?"

Cali Law Student Boy (recovering from shock I presume), "Yeah."

My brain (and quite possibly my soul) were not constructed to share life with anyone.

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