Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I hate shopping.

I should amend that. I hate shopping for one specific thing. When I actually have a goal in mind, forget about finding what I want. Murphy's law once again bites me in the ass.

On Monday, I was invited to a Gala sponsored by work. They are starting a new Ovarian Cancer Detection Screening Program, so this Gala is the kick off for it, as well as a fund raiser.

This is a big deal. Those of us who work there have a free table. Others are paying anywhere from $250--$10,000 for a table.

I obviously cannot wear jeans to this affair.

So I went dress shopping yesterday. My size gets snatched up rather quickly. Either that or they just don't make dresses in my size.

I tried on about 6 or 7 dresses and got fed up. I didnt find anything. I'll try a different mall today. If nothing works out, I'll just wear a sari, because I dont want to pay for a dress I wont wear again. Let me tell you, this whole shopping-for-a-dress-garbage is one reason I refused to go to my junior Prom or any Homecoming.

I did find something that I quite liked...a Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie from Mrs.Fields. That fit perfectly.

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