Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Sometimes a lot can happen, and I just dont know where to begin blogging since nothing relates with each other, so I really have a ton of things I could blog about, but if I blog about everything at once then it becomes a real long post, and when I preview it, I cant even finish reading it myself because I have a headache from staring at the computer screen all day, but I really want to talk about so many things, and as the days go by more things come up to talk about, and then I wonder should I blog about my daily bits in chronological order, or should I start from the most pertinent points and then discuss the other stuff later, or maybe I could do a bunch of baby posts or should I not blog at all and go straight to bed, but I have all sorts of feelings inside that I want to sort out and blogging does have that cathartic effect, so maybe I should deal with those first so I can relax, and I do like getting other peoples opinions to whats going on in my crazy world where things have changed so much in so little time, and are going to change even more, I wonder if I can keep up with all of it, in fact I wonder if I can even keep up with the thoughts in my head because that would be so scary if I couldn't then I would end up in a place between bipolar and schizophrenic, God I hate when that happens, but where oh where do I start and where oh where has my yellow hi-lighter gone, I got red highlights, I got into school, my niece left for India, she cried and it was the saddest little face that you ever did see, so that in turn made me cry, but I cried in the car on the way to meet the guy my cousin tried to set me up with in Boston, who was cuter than his picture and very cool, but no spark, I think he'll be a great hangout buddy, but he had a shorty complex because I was taller than him, oh well, tomorrow I'm picking up Cali Law Student Boy from the airport and I'm so excited, then I drop him off at a halfway point where we will meet up with his parents and they will pick him up from there, my best friend came over and gave me a gift certificate for a facial since I got into school, she's so great, and it was so sweet, especially the mushy card, she's such a mushball, and then she went home, I should go for the facial, work has been crazy, I had to brush the hair of a chemo patient who is losing her hair, so clumps of hair came out with each stroke, she was very sad, and I was sad, but I think she will get better, she's a sweet lady, by the looks of this post, I think I need that relaxing facial right away, but its 9:52 pm and no place is open at the moment, I hate this ghost town I live in, but there is the other alternative and that is going to bed, which I think I will do, oh yeah I got a real cute anklet yesterday, now I'm all caught up for the most part, I know its been a long rambly post, but in its own funny way this makes sense to me, and I feel so much better, especially since I was able to spend some time in the sunshine today.

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