Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I got off the train, and walked toward the clock at Grand Central Station.

I thought I saw him, so I dialed his number to be sure. I saw him pick up the phone, and at the moment he said hello, I popped up behind him and said, "Hello!"

There he the flesh...Wayne!...he is one handsome young man (with great skin, and beautiful hair)

Now arent you all cute. You think I'm that type of girl to reveal just how hot and sweaty it got?

I sure am.

Grand Central Station is on the East side of Manhattan. We were trying to get to the West side. Both of us walked around the city in the completely wrong direction. Wayne was wiping off sweat from his head and neck. It asked if it was too much for him. He was ready for the challenge.

We walked to the West Side, talking and laughing. Wayne is cute as he is funny (which is VERY!), so I was enjoying every minute of our encounter. While he was talking, I was looking at all the eye candy floating around me. Wowsa. I pointed out a few to him, and he gave me his opinion on my choice of man.

We made it to the West Side. I was hungry, hungry, hungry! We were on 8th Ave, waiting to cross the street. There was a big woman with a big bag that had a big tent inside. Wayne proclaimed a little too loudly, "Maybe its her folding chair!" Yeah. We kept walking. Fast.

We were looking around where to eat, and could not think of a darn thing. Wayne took initiative, and followed his gut.

We went to Chinatown.

By then, I was famished. We went to a place called XO, and waited for a table. I looked around at what everyone else was eating. I learned how to say 32 in Chinese (That was our number...auh shur au!), and Wayne kept telling me that I had to try his balls. I was apprehensive. I had just met him, did I really want to try his balls?

We sat and he ordered a drink called a Boba. This drink looks like coffee, and has these marble sized balls that look and have the consistency of caviar (but thankfully, dont taste like caviar). I first watched Wayne eat the balls. Then I tried them. They dont have a taste to them really, but they were fun to chew.

I let Wayne order the appetizers. He was talking in Chinese, and I tried to pick up the lingo. We ate and ate. Dumplings, Dim Sum, Spring Rolls...the food kept coming. (I knew Wayne was talking for a little too long!) It was all soooooooooo yummy in my tummy! Next time I go for Chinese food, I'm calling Wayne first. Everyone, go eat out with Wayne! We talked and talked. It was a lot of fun.

It was getting a little on the later side, and my friends were wondering if I disappeared. So by 10pm, Wayne and I took a cab back to Midtown. We said our parting goodbyes, gave hugs, and went our separate ways.

Moral of the Story: Wayne is a great date!

Afterwards, I went bar hopping in SoHo with my friends. I got nicely intoxicated. I had quite a few too many wonderful drinks, with the winning drink being a Mango Martini.

Thanks Wayne!

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