Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Ok Kids. Had to post this. Especially since I mentioned the new book I bought.

So D'ex (I know, its been months and the pseudonym keeps coming up) has called me about 3 times in the past few weeks. Im taking a trip into NYC so I asked him (via email) if he was free to meet up for an hour or so. He replied and asked me if there is a cheesecake involved. I wrote back and asked him, "Is that a requirement? What would I get in return?"

And this is the reply I got:

not a requirement. I used to give you hugs in exchange for
On the other hand I was operating with Dr.C today and we were
about my need for help with laundry. He feels that I deserve no pity
if I
need a good woman because I blew it with you. apparently Dr.C had high
for the two of us.
well, we'll chat later.

I was surprised and slightly amused to know that Im still being talked about. Im surprised D'ex even admitted the fact that this whole conversation occured. I left the hospital in March. I left the surgery department in that hospital in December 2002. And poor D'ex. His friends told him he shouldnt have broken up with me, and now the program director had to tell him. His ego must be shot.

As for me...well...my head is going to explode. Heh.

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