Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I've never been one obsessed with clothes, style or how I look. I never cared about appliance knick knacks either.

Since I began work, my wardrobe has gotten bigger, I've bought a hair dryer, hair gel, I go for regular haircuts, and I now own a few appliance knick knacks.

Today, I had to leave my car for an oil change. This takes an hour. Lucky for me, the mechanic is strategically located in between 2 shopping plazas.

Let the happy hour begin.

As I started my walk, with purse and credit cards in hand, I made my first stop at the shoe store. I walked in, and the kind, generous shoe saleslady told me the wonderful news....Buy one pair, get the second for 50% off! How could I deny myself of this wonderful (limited time) offer? I didnt. I came out with a pair of knee high boots, and a pair of red shoes.

Next stop. Wal-mart. Dont laugh. This is single-handedly one of the greatest stores of all time.

I walk in and dont know where to begin. Im checking out the boys sweatshirts because they are big and baggy just how I love them. But I had a mission. My mission was to buy a de-icer for the car. Since its not nice and wintery, and I keep my car outside, a layer of ice forms on the windshield every single morning. Scraping without a scraper is not fun. Waiting 20 minutes for it to melt off the car is not fun. Then getting in the car and driving with only one clear spot and hoping the rest of the ice will melt off is just not a good idea. I felt cool being in the hardware section. Im looking around with confidence. "No thanks store-worker, I know what tools I need!" I walked out of Wal-Mart with the De-Icing spray, a plastic scraper, hangers, and a glue stick.

So Im walking with my 3 bags, and my fingers are literally turning blue trying to hold these bags, and I see a book sale. All books 50% off. A big fluorescent yellow and orange sign. I had to go in. 50% off signs were running rampant all over the bookstore. I had 10 minutes left before picking up my car. I searched and searched until I found one that seemed to fit. Its called "The Exes" by Pagan Kennedy. Its about all these 20-somethings who live and work together. The catch is, they are all exes of each other in some way. Sounds 90210-ish, so Im sure I'll be addicted in some way, shape or form. Plus its about putting up with exes, Im sure I can find some way to relate to that.

I walked back to my car, with my blue fingers holding my bags and paid for my oil changed. I put the bags in the trunk, and let my fingers feel the circulation again.

Relief, Happiness, and a few other necessary elements restored in the span of one hour. Mission completed.

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