Sunday, June 10, 2007

So I met Man-Crush over the weekend, up in Boston.

Let me preface by saying this is the first date I have gone on in a year and a half. Ok, a little more than that. I just hate dating and all it entails. Plus, this was a set-up, so the premise is different I suppose.

The last time I drove to Boston, I got lost for 3 hours, and got into a car accident. It was not fun. So the combined thought of driving to Boston AND having to go on a date for the first time in months and months did not give me my blessed sleep and continous visits to the bathroom.

I made to Boston, driving in the pouring rain. When I saw him, I was surprised how he looked and even wondered if I had the right person because he looked SO different than the picture. I mean neither picture was all too clear, but he looked a normal size (bigger than me) and tall. The guy who approached me was an inch taller than me and smaller-framed.

Once I got over that initial surprise and nervousness, we walked around and chatted. Had lunch, and at that point we were comfortable with each other. We just walked and talked. Although I enjoyed the time, there wasnt that something more which would make me continue. It is interesting how someone's physical presence can change everything.

The last half hour was my favorite part. We sat on a bench and talked. He even said he wished he had his office ID so he could show me the view from his 10th floor office. We talked and talked, and it was nice. I enjoyed it. Even with this enjoyment, I could sense something was amiss. I can't pinpoint exactly what, but I am going with my gut instinct. We ended it with, "I'll call you sometime." We can stay friends, but I dont think it will go beyond that.

It was fun to go out on a date and feel like the magnifique single woman that I am though. I dressed up and everything! Maybe I'll consider another one some day.

Then I met up with my friends at Boston Billiards, played pool and got blitzed.

It was a great weekend.


Robert said...

Sounded nice and pleasant tho. Glad that you both had a good time. What happened is just the way it's supposed to happened [Well that sounded kinda silly didn't it? hehe! :-)]!

Happy Tuesday Dr.P!

Angelo said...

ey, that was a nice post. you seemed like you had a good time. will there be a second date?

Wayne said...

Well, he sounds like a nice guy. But yeah, go with instinct. :)
(now, does he have a hot gay brother or cousin? who's like, into Asian culture and people?)

Tee Hee!

Dr.Philomena said...

no second date! haha Ya, I think things were supposed to happen this way too. Wayne, he is an only child with lots of YOUNGER cousins. Although I did meet a cute Brazilian friend of his while walking around...