Sunday, May 13, 2007

I finally met up with Mike tonight over a few drinks.

It was anti-climatic, but interesting.

We were both happy to see each other, although we didn't hug. We both got drinks and just chatted for 2 hours. He didn't mention his wife at all, and I didn't pry to find out why he decided to email me. I didn't mention his wife either. I asked him about "things at home," and he blew it off.

I learned how good I am at making conversation. I don't watch baseball, but since it was awkward in the begninning, we talked about baseball. I said how I would like to see a baseball game one day, and he took a copy of the New York Post and looked up Mets game schedules. He found one for tomorrow, I said no way, but I'll be in the city Wednesday. He even called his buddy to see about tickets.

Now I don't think I will call him and go to a baseball game on Wednesday, but I went along with it out of sheer nervousness.

We talked and talked. The only time I dealt with attitude, was when I asked him if he was following the presidental candidates. He asked me, "Why are you asking me that?" and my response was, "Because I am asking you."

Reminiscing about our high school/college days brought us the most smiles and laughs.

It definitely wasn't like things used to be. As we were talking, he realized how much he's missed in my life. (I can't say the same because he doesn't do much, and he didn't mention his wife at all) We started easing into being normal around each other though.

After a couple hours, it was time to go. We hugged. I don't know how much in touch we will be. Although at least when we go to the baptism of a mutual friends' son, I know we can talk like acquaintences. We're not full fledged friends yet, and I'm not sure he can be in my life the way he used to be.


Wayne said...

It's always a weird to have dated a friend. I guess he wanted to see you, perhaps, he just sort of missed you during these years. But, of course you, based on your entry, you know that things have changed and he definately won't be the same as how he used to be.

I have a feeling, he'll probably email you again.

PS. Janice Dickinson is a wild card. If you can handle her sense of humor, then you'll like her books.

Robert said...

Tell him to stop beating around the bush! ahaha! I would think that was a bit odd. Him emailing you sort of out of the blue, and now everything seems so nonchantlant. hmm...

Anyway, who knows. He's prolly hiding something! :-) BTW, "Because I'm asking you." I LOVE that! hahaha!

Dr.P said...

Wayne: hahaha, he did contact me again! I'll be his friend and that's it!

Robert: Sometimes a little attitude goes a long way :). I'm thinking of asking of my friends if they know what's up!

Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

Hmmm...experience tells me that his avoidance of the topic of his wife in his conversations is a red flag. I've been contacted more than once, out of the blue, by guy friends from my past who just want to "catch up and talk about old times" simply to find they aren't doing so well in their marriages. By the same token, Charlie's been contacted by female friends from his past...etc. We always giggle when we talk about it after. The question comes up.."So, how's your marriage?" And the look of disappointment on their faces when we say.."It's awesome. And yours?"

You were right to be cautious, and even more right to make it known that you'll be friends and nothing more.