Saturday, October 29, 2005

"Won't you be? Please won't you be? Won't you neighbor?"

"Hi neighbor!"

CLS Boy is my neighbor. Well he's not really my neighbor, but he lives 2 suburbian blocks away from me. It is a little strange to drive by his street and see his car there.

I have seen him out of my own free will. We went out to lunch one day, and it was weird. We talked, I set some boundaries, and then he asked me to go to the Pumpkin Festival with him. I became irate, and I couldn't control it. I went off on him saying that the purpose of me going out to lunch with him was not to try again.

I've seen him off and on, so he can pick up some of his stuff and things of that nature. But the strangest part is, the whole time we were dating, he lived about 3.5 hours away from me and the moment we break up, he lives a 3.5 minute walk from me and I've seen him more times in a week than I would in a month.

Its messing with my head.

Especially since I'm talking to someone new.

Just talking.

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