Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I've done it. I jumped on the Friendster bandwagon.

I've actually had an account for quite sometime. When Friendster was popping up everyone barraged me with joining their little friend group. I was too cool and said no, but set up an account anyway just to end the madness.

This was 2 years ago.

Then one fine day, my friend Peanut in New Jersey called me and mentioned how a mutual acquaintance from college found her on Friendster and invited Peanut to her (the acquaintance's) wedding reception. Peanut then went online and saw all of the acquaintance's friends, who were enemies of ours. So Peanut decided she wouldn't go to the reception since all the 'cukooheads' would be there.

I havent heard from these people in ages (nor do I want to). But my nosy self went online to see whats going on. I saw a lot of them that I hope not to see in person. It was mortifying to know that they were in existance. The most interesting part is that they all talked behind their backs in college. I had a great laugh.

Then I found all these people that I LIKE on Friendster, which I guess is the whole point of Friendster. I now have a mere 17 friends. I may not be the most popular girl on Friendster compared to those with 256 friends, but its kind of nice to know where your friends are.

Besides, the whole school is doing it. I'm cool enough for Friendster now.

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