Friday, December 10, 2004

Lizzie is the only friend I have from the beginnings of my childhood. We used to play together everyday without fail. We used to pick dandelions from the yard and give them to each other.

Lizzie got married a little over a year ago. It was at her wedding I met CLS Boy (FYI: Things are going VERY well).

Last night I signed on to one of the many IM's I have, and I saw her name pop up.

Me: Hey Lizzie!

Lizzie: Hi.

It was then I knew something was terribly wrong. She never says hi to me like that. On IM or real life.

Me: How are you?

Lizzie: I have been better.

One of the main issues of her marriage is that her husband is getting his Ph.D. He was supposed to finish a year ago, and he keeps postponing the graduation date. Lizzie isn't working at the moment because she thought he was going to graduate in December, they were going to move, and she can do something more permanent then.

So she tells me that she doesnt think he's ever going to graduate. I try to offer words of encouragement.

Then everything unfolded.

She said everything changed between them right after they got married. He changed. All these promises went out the window. They haven't been like a couple for 6-8 months. On their one year anniversary, he went to his parents house and didnt take her.

I offered to punch him in the face.

I thought I saw a glimmer of hope when she said they were in counseling together. She says that she's done. I said that I would support her in whatever decision she made, and even if she wanted a ride somewhere, I'd take her.

I had seen them a couple times, and I didnt notice anything really wrong. She was mainly upset at him not having a graduation date.

It was weird talking to my friend through a possible divorce. I felt really sad for her because she doesnt deserve this. She's one of those people who has been through enough, one would think her time to enjoy life would be coming up soon.

The marriage has been 13 months long.

And dandelions just wont do.

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