Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The doctors finally got to the root of my supposed problem.

I little HPI (History of Presenting Illness):

For the past 1 year I've had recurring leg pain, especially after I exercise. I went to see a doctor about it a couple months ago. He ran some blood tests on me all of which came out negative. He then sent me to Orthopaedics who did an X-Ray of my lumbar spine. That also came out negative.

All this negativity made me question if I really had a problem at all. I figured they would send me to psychiatry next.

The Ortho doc did physical examination on me, which consisted of bending, flexing, extending, turning, and other weird positions, none of which were sexual in nature. (Sorry guys)

Diagnosis? Really stiff muscles in my lower back and hamstrings. So the muscles have been very stiff my whole life, and now they are trying to grow (since I was exercise happy some time ago), and no can do.

Treatment: Physical Therapy

At first I was excited for physical therapy thinking I would be getting a great massage every couple weeks. They make me do exercises, and the PT is consistently amazed that I can barely get my hands past my knees when trying to touch my toes, or that I can't lift my leg past a 45 degree angle without pain.

So after a bit of pain, she gave me homework. I get to do all these exercises, and inflict the pain on myself in the comfort of my own home. I feel like I'm doing yoga, and I dont like it. But I'm taking care of myself in one way, even though I need a mental vacation.

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