Saturday, November 20, 2004

I need to vent.

I paraphrase by saying I love my best friend very very very very very very very much.

With that being said...

Yesterday was her 28th birthday. She devised a whole plan of going into the city to this Jamaican restaurant we love, and going to a hip-hop club afterwards. We both checked online for the hip hop places, and she decided on one.

There were 4 of us who went--two 28 year olds, one 27 year old, and one 25 year old.

We drove. Which was great. The drive down was fantastic, we were laughing, joking around, and having a fun time.
When we were into the city, we got a flat tire (not my car, but maybe I send out flat tire vibes) So even though we got into the city pretty quick, the hour we would have (normally) spent driving, we used to wait for someone to change the flat.

One rude guy changed the flat, we had a very yummy dinner at the great Jamaican restaurant, and afterwards we walked to the club.

The club was everything she asked for...hip hop/reggae with mixed crowd, but not trendy.

We were there 10 minutes, and she decided she wanted to leave because the music was too loud.

This bugged me A LOT.

I should have seen it coming though. I know if I went to this same club with Roomie, we would have had oodles of fun. But Best Friend had everything she asked for, and wasnt happy, and didnt even try. Best Friend has a trend of not trying to have fun. If she's not enjoying herself from the minute she walks in, she's not going to try. Plus, one of my friends who is newly engaged, wanted to go home for a while.

When we were in Miami, I had the most fun at the club because she and the other girl (who was also at the birthday), didnt really interact or even dance. I made sure I did, and I did it on my own.

The kink thrown in this is that R was supposed to join us. I had been in contact with him the entire time. Once we decided to leave the club, I couldnt get a hold of him. His phone kept ringing and ringing. I tried calling him for 45 minutes, and the girls were getting restless to leave. Im not sure what happened.

I slept in the car the whole way home. Good thing too, because the Irritation meter was going through the roof. I dont like it when people cant even try to enjoy a place.

I know Im just frustrated since its not the first time we've ended up in this situation. I'm also mad because I have loads of work to do, and I stayed out until 4am to be with people who did NOT attempt to have a good time. I could have gone to the University hockey game with my friends, it was Bhangra night at the grad student pub...there were other things I wanted to do with people who WANTED to go. I'm now tired, and have to somehow do some work.

Next year, I'm just taking her out to dinner.

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