Sunday, November 07, 2004

I found out that I am destined for stardom.

Friday night was the grad school's
Diwali show, and yours truly, along with 3 of her friends did a Marati dance.

First, it was fun getting dressed up. We wore sari's in a Maharashtrian style, which meant that it looked like we were wearing pants. (I cant find a decent pic on the net) Once we were all decked out, jewelry and makeup on, we headed to watch the show.

There was a huge turnout. Saw my friends, my T.A. (Teaching assistant). CLS Boy and 2 of my friends from outside school came. The show was pretty good so far, minus the predictable technical difficulties.

Cutting to the chase, we were waiting to go on stage. The guy announced us, and the crowd started roaring. I heard people yelling my name, my friends name, our division was so great. When the music came on, and the spotlight was on us, everything just flowed. I was smiling from ear to ear.

Let me digress...this week I was hit with the worst cold of my life. I was sneezing and coughing during dress rehearsal, and having a hard time breathing. People were telling me to smile more, and as cranky as I was, I retorted, "I would, but I just cant breathe right now."

Somehow the cold lifted from me, and I had a great time. I looked out to the audience, and saw a few familiar faces smiling back at me. Before I knew it, our 4 minutes was done. It was crazy that all those weeks of practicing finished in a blink of an eye. Is this how Britney feels?

Then the crowd was roaring again. After the show everyone was telling us how good we were.

The only glitch was that before the show we decided to exit stage left. When we ended (because we end in a pose), 2 of them went left, and my friend turned right...pretty much walking into me. But the lights were dim, so it wasnt that noticeable.

Anyway, I felt like a superstar!

Afterwards, -my 2 friends and I went to get some food. I hung out with them, and I really wanted to go to the afterparty. I guess since the dance was over, my cold decided to descend upon me leaving me violently coughing, and blowing my nose every 10 seconds. So I went home, and me, - Roomie, and Roomie's boyfriend all hung out while I was forced to drink herbal tea.

I dont really think I'm destined for superstardom. I couldnt even make it to the afterparty.

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