Thursday, September 02, 2004

Lookee here! A possible real post!

I should warn you that I've had so much going on this past week, this post may not be coherent in any way shape or form.

Monday was my first day of classes. It wasnt too hard to get back into the school mode...until I saw all of my syllabi (syllabuses?). All the reading and assignments there are is a bit overwhelming.

My class schedule is a bit overwhelming. (Notice the emotional trend beginning to happen) I have 5 required classes. I have another class which doesnt have any credits, but its one required for my division. 2 of my classes have these discussion sessions as well. Its a pretty full week.

Then I've had to buy books. The prices of those are a bit overwhelming.

Then I've had to move in the last bit of my stuff. Walking into the apartment was a bit overwhelming, since roomies stuff is all over the place. So now we have 2 sets of stuff all over the place. Roomie and I sat and chatted for a bit which was great. She's met a couple of our nosy neighbors. The one with the hearing aid kept stressing that we live in a very quiet neighborhood.

I've been cleaning up the house before Daddy-o comes home from India. Its not that bad, but amisdt all the moving and school, I havent really cared about cleanliness.

I havent made too many friends in class. Some people have already found little cliques that they've settled into. Im not a cliquey type of person, so I dont look for that. I've made some friends, but I dont make it a point to look for them everyday. Its only the fourth day of class. So far, I've met some good and interesting people. I'm not looking to make friends at the moment. I can barely keep up with the ones I have. I'm more worried about finishing all the work thats on my plate!

Good News: I got my laptop! Woohoo! I got a Dell Inspiron 8600.

Annoying incident: The first time the UPS guy tried to drop it off, I wasnt home. He wrote the date of the next attempt, and I knew I couldnt be home at that time. (It could not be delivered without my signature) So I decided to go pick it up. Since I got a free printer with my order, I was told I have two packages. Yesterday I went for two packages, and the lady there said I only have one. After haggling over an argument I was not going to win, I left and called UPS. They said there were 2 packages, and had the record that I signed for one. Now they're going to try and deliver it again today. I have to be in class until 1 today, so Im hoping they'll deliver it after that. They should wait on my doorstep with chocolate cake for me as far as I'm concerned. That was almost as annoying as knowing that the Republican National Convention is going on right now. I hate it when I try to do something to make my life easier, but it inevitably makes things more difficult.

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