Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I came back from vacation exactly one week ago today. It feels like an eternity and I think I need another vacation.

Although I cant take another vacation. I have one month left of work, then I take 2 weeks off, and its back to school for me! I get to add a few more letters at the end of my name. Im paying way too much money for this. When I saw the bill, I wanted to call and let them know that I wanted an education and not to buy one of the buildings on campus. Just to learn something because everyone keeps talking about how a mind is a beautiful thing to waste and I dont want to waste mine.

I have a lot to do, and I want to relax. Im going apartment hunting with my new soon-to-be-roomie this week.

Then I'll really have to pour out my money...I need a laptop. We'll have to buy accessories for the new place, we need a couch, I need more sheets (although I could steal some from my parents house), books for school, the all important brand new back to school bag, new notebooks, and a couple new school clothes (necessity!!). Im sure there are other things on the list I've left out.

This is why I cant take another vacation. Its so sad. I'm so talented at vacationing. Another beautiful talent...wasted.

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