Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Hey Blogger!

Whats up? Not much here. When I say not much here, I mean in my present locale. Although there is always something going on in my head. Sometimes things can be going on not here that concern me. Like in California somewhere. Concerning a certain law student boy.

Let me paraphrase by saying, he's great. The other day he sent me a package that contained a t-shirt from his university, and the book "A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union." (I saw it at his place and had wanted to read it, so he sent it) He is really open with me, and I've learned to be pretty open with him (I still need work). He listens if I complain about the same things, when I talk about stupid things, and even if Im just singing a song out of tune. I can get his opinion on anything, and he's just so darn smart. He's open to new ideas, and he's very sincere.

With that being said, we've talked about his Ex a few times. He swears up and down that he would never want anything with her again.

She's going to visit him for a couple days. She arrives today.

The logical side of me says : "There is no way any relationship type thing will happen. I know it. We've talked about this, he knows I will kill him if it does. Plus, Im hot stuff AND tough stuff, he'd be stupid to even try anything."

Add the feelings, and this what generates: "Why does she have to be there? Why is she still so dependent on him? I hate it. This sucks. WHy do I have to feel crappy!"

I know him and I have beaten this topic to the ground. I wouldnt want him to tell me not to talk to any of my friends, regardless if they are an ex or not. Yesterday, I was just so bugged I didnt really want to talk to him. He asked me what was wrong. At this point, I feel retarded telling him because we've really discussed it all we can, and the only thing I can do is trust him. So I just keep quiet and say that everything is fine. Because thats how it should be.

He said that I can call anytime. (He said it would be rude to make a call with a guest there) I feel weird calling knowing that she is there. Im not checking in on him, I dont want my phone calls to be taken that way.

For the next couple days, Im going to be on edge. If my hair grew out enough, I'd be getting a haircut. Instead, Im going to spend the weekend in NYC. I have people I can spend time with too. Plus, if Im having fun, I will devote less time to harvesting a stress ulcer in my tummy.

Other than that, all is well. I have the apartment, I've lost 2 pounds, and I weighed myself after eating a Double Chocolate donut from Dunkin Donuts. I have money in the bank for the moment. I did get my cell phone bill yesterday, and it was a little higher than expected. I hate that. YOu think a bill is going to be a certain amount and they stick you will all the roaming charges on one bill. Thats shit! I have a tuna fish wrap for lunch. I need to learn how to wrap a wrap so the tuna doesnt ooze out the back end. Has someone invented edible tape?

Thats about all from my world. Its sunny today. A great day for a hike. Hope you are keeping well too. Talk to you soon! Take Care!


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