Monday, May 16, 2005

I have been so busy with Greece preparations. Every so often I have to remind myself that its not a trip, I'll be living and working there for 2 months. I don't know what I need, so I have basically decided to fit everything in a suitcase and a half, including a box of Grape Nuts Cereal. Gotta have my fiber.

This weekend my roomie and I had a ladies night where we invited our friends (without their men) to our place. They were mainly her friends who I know since most of my friends were busy. It was fun, we got pizza, made drinks, and a pampered chef demonstration, and talked about everything from childhood to men to life as old ladies. Afterwards, we went to a club for a couple hours, and that night we realized why we go out once a year. Some of the people there are crazy. My poor eyes.

5 people slept over, so the only 2 rooms in our apartment where there wasnt a body on the floor was the kitchen and the bathroom. It was real nice. We then went out for brunch, came home and everyone left.

Then it was roomie and I. After everyone left, we were kind of sad, especially because this is our last week of living together. I leave for Europe next week, and by the time I come back she will be all moved out and on to her new endeavor. My new roomie moves in a couple weeks after that. So we took a walk with some bread looking for some ducks to feed, but couldn't find any. Then we came home and hung out. Its funny, because even though we've been living together for almost a year, the last few months I've been so busy with school, I haven't really been able to give all of myself to anyone. So hanging out with her was nicer. We were both sad. This last week I have to see everyone, and spend quality time with my family, CLS Boy, Roomie, and my best friend. I do get sad thinking that Roomie won't be here when I get back. She has been a great roomie and friend, we didn't fight once, and laughed all the time. We had moments of course, but we are both smart enough to know when to stay away from each other. I've gained a friend for life, and that is a very sunny brightside.

One thing I am learning from the preparations of going to Greece, is that travelling is a big part of who I am. I love travelling, new cultures, and learning about people, and helping them. Its all me. I need this in my life. But I also need stability. I can't wait for my last year of school to end so I can finally have that.

Of course when school ends next year and we all leave to wherever we were lucky enough to find jobs, I'll probably wish I lived in the same neighborhood as all of my friends.

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